frequent questions

KitosCell Gel PFD® is the first topical biomodulator of skin inflammation and healing processes.

It is a regulator of biological activities, in this case in relation to the regulation of substances that act in the process of tissue regeneration.

KitosCell Gel PFD® is a biomodulator that controls the healing process at the cellular level by either preventing or reversing it.

In general terms, the healing of wounds or injuries through the process of scarring is a normal process.    
which consists mainly of three phases.

    • Inflammation: in this phase the hemostatic process and the acute inflammatory infiltrate are present.
    • Proliferation: characterized by fibroplathy, granulation, wound contraction and epithelialization, it can be said that in this phase the lost or damaged tissue is produced.
    • Remodeling: this is the name given to the maturation phase of the scar.
    • Abnormal scars occur mainly in cases where there is an alteration of the normal healing mechanism, due to prolonged, repetitive or very exacerbated inflammation.

Simply clean the application area with soap and plenty of water.

KitosCell Gel PFD® has no restrictions on its use, but a light coating on the affected area is sufficient.

  • The keloid scar is an irregular and bulging scar that remains in the damaged area, has no evolution and can be reddish or dark.
  • The hypertrophic scar is the scar that is created in the damaged area, is very bulky, usually reddish and painful, tends to evolve in the weeks after the trauma and can continue for years.

In all types of scars, from scars caused by acne to hypertrophic scars with years of evolution.

KitosCell Gel PFD® is a biomodulator, therefore it acts on all types of scars regardless of time or damage.

For use in open wounds, the use of KitosCell-Q is suggested because it contains active ingredients that prevent or combat contamination or infection by microorganisms, which are frequent in open wounds.

KitosCell Gel PFD® is designed to work regardless of color, exposure or skin type (sensitive, dry, oily, etc.).

Yes, however, it is advisable to wait until KitosCell Gel PFD® be absorbed by the skin and always use sunscreen.

For the treatment of acne, we recommend the use of ZaxCell, which has active ingredients that fight the microorganisms that can cause acne.

It does not stain clothes or skin, but skin color may be affected by the sun after using the gel, so it is recommended to use a sunscreen after applying KitosCell Gel PFD.®.

No, in both cases it is recommended to use KitosCell Gel PFD.® two to three times a day for periods of six months.

Depending on the problem, its evolution and the individual response of each person. What is important to mention is that, because of the great safety of KitosCell Gel PFD®can be used for an indefinite period of time if required.

Much depends on the person and the lesion, it will begin to show its effectiveness from the first days to the first six months of its application, according to clinical studies.

KitosCell Gel PFD® has no side effects demonstrated in clinical studies, however it is recommended to check for any allergy to the product's ingredients.


Yes, KitosCell Gel PFD® has no hormonal effect.

KitosCell Gel PFD® has no age contraindications.

Yes, KitosCell Gel PFD® has no adverse effect on pregnancies.

Due to its mechanism of action, it stimulates the production of collagenases, which is why it acts on scars regardless of their evolution time.


KitosCell Gel PFD®has a high safety profile, the studies carried out do not show any toxic effects by topical application, in very few occasions, as with any other product, a small allergic reaction, itching or slight burning may occur, which subside when the number of applications is reduced for a few days.

Due to the blocking or regulation of profibrotic cytosines, which modulates the accumulation of fibrotic tissue, thus avoiding this type of scarring.

Clean the scar area according to the doctor's instructions and apply a thin layer on the scar area 3 times a day.

KitosCell Gel PFD® is a Mexican research product, with raw materials and product formulation developed in Mexico by Mexican researchers.

CTT stands for Cell Therapy and Technology, which is the Mexican research company that developed KitosCell Gel PFD.®is made up of high-level Mexican researchers, who seek to develop differentiated products that bring benefits to the population in areas where the need is not fully covered.

In pharmaceutical laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health, covering all current official drug manufacturing standards.

These products only have an occlusive effect, which would maintain the moisture and nutrition of the cells, but do not counteract the inflammatory action and the deposition of fibrotic tissue. Studies with silicone have contradictory reports, with good and bad results. Its action in aged scars is very doubtful.

Published studies show that these extracts, especially onion extracts, have no real effect on healing and are not effective for scar management.

No, KitosCell Gel PFD® modulates the release of profibrophytic cytokines, maintaining normal tissue repair.

Studies that have been carried out show that as early as possible, to prevent the formation of abnormal scars and skin retraction. In surgeries, we recommend that once the stitches are removed you can start using it.

There are no clinical studies with this condition, but due to its mechanism of action it could help in the treatment of this condition, as well as in others where TNF-alpha is a key factor for its development.

Yes, although there are no joint-use studies, KitosCell Gel PFD® has been shown to have a different mechanism of action, and could help the patient in the prevention of scarring in burn patients.

Steroids have mainly an anti-inflammatory effect, so it can act on scars not very old, besides the great pain in its application since it is injected, and its side effects such as skin atrophy, hypopigmentation, telangectasias, etc.. KitosCell PFD Gel® modulates the proinflammatory profibrotic cytokines, so it has a more complete action, in addition to its stimulating action on the production of collagenases, which makes it have an effective action on aged scars.


Studies carried out on laboratory animals, intentionally looking for this reaction, show that there is no irritation with its application, but slight burning and redness may appear, which does not last more than 10 minutes.

As with any medication, KitosCell Gel PFD® may cause hypersensitivity, but very rarely, which usually subsides by reducing to two or one application per day for a while, gradually returning to three applications per day. Occasionally pruritus or some transient burning may occur.

Yes, in the studies conducted there are patients with acne scars with good response to treatment with KitosCell Gel PFD.®.